Window Trim Chrome Delete Vinyl Wrap Kit Compatible with and Fits Accord Coupe 2013-2017 - Black

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Product Highlights:

TYPE - Adhesive Vinyl Film

PREMIUM QUALITY - Unlike ordinary stick and peel stickers, our decals are made of real vinyl and have been designed with Air Release Technology for the perfect application making installation much more simple and easier for any DIY skill level. High quality adhesive vinyl, weather resistant, 3mil UV protection

PERFECT FIT - Precision cut for your vehicle - Change the feel and appearance of your vehicle, without the high costs.

EASY APPLICATION and SAFE REMOVAL - Read product description for further installation directions. Once you are ready for a new decal or want to remove from your surface, lightly heat and remove, our high quality vinyl backing will not leave any unwanted residue or stains.

AUTHENTICITY - If you ever have any issues, please contact our team that is ready to help, 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Product Specifications:

- Premium Adhesive Vinyl
- Please use Heat Gun during installation (not included)
- UV Protective Coating + Weather Resistant Surface
- Vinyl has natural "memory" - it can be wrinkled and then returned to near original condition with gentle heat applied

Basic Installation Guide:

  1. Wipe down and clean your application surface. Make sure the area is clean, free from dirt or other debris
  2. Peel off the adhesive vinyl decal from the backing
  3. Carefully apply the decal over the specific decal area
  4. Use a felt edge squeegee to help apply the decal and eliminate any air bubbles
  5. Please do not forget to use a HEAT GUN to carefully warm up the decal after applying the decal.
  6. Press firmly and gently rub the decal with a microfiber towel or a squeegee tool while applying heat to assist with adhesion.
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The Haru Creative Difference:

  • 0.3mm Thick Premium Grade Adhesive Vinyl
  • Can be reheated and repositioned for perfect application
  • 5 Year Outdoor Useful Life / 8 Year Indoor Useful Life